Environmental Policy

We work tirelessly on a daily basis to reduce our impact on the planet, and minimise the damage to the world we live in. We are truly worried about the effect humans are having on the planet and as a business we are doing all we can to help protect the earth. With the effects of global warming becoming more obvious every single day, we strive to run a company that is eco-friendly, whilst also constantly tackling any environmental issues that crop up throughout our growth and expansion.

Woodeedoo use second hand cardboard boxes wherever possible and we re-use all the packaging from returned items. As well as reusing returned packaging, we also use eco-friendly recyclable bubble wrap and biodegradable Kraft paper tape when packaging our items. You can even use our wooden boxes themselves as eco-friendly packaging!

As all our manufacturing takes place in Europe, we are keeping our CO2 emissions and environmental impact to a minimum.

All our items are made from natural wood, we never stock anything synthetic, chemical or non-eco friendly, and all our wood is sourced responsibly from well managed forests. We never support deforestation or source wood from unsustainable forests.